I could hardly believe it when my mom told me her hair went from straight to curly from one pregnancy to the next, it seemed kind of crazy that our bodies could change that much. When I found out I was pregnant I would say I had pretty low maintenance hair. My hair was straight and if I let it dry naturally it had a little bit of wave. Usually it took about fifteen to twenty minutes to blow dry and five to ten minutes to straighten, then bam. I was done. I even colored my hair a lot, right after finding out we were pregnant I went from purple and black to blond with red and brown low lights! Coloring my hair didn’t even do damage to it, at least not damage that was noticeable. So when my hair started to go a little frizzy I was a bit concerned.

For the first few months of pregnancy the frizz was manageable. If I used the right shampoo and conditioner and blew it dry all of the way I was usually fine. But… at about three months in the frizz went crazy! Seriously, it was like manageable one day and the next day it was as if I was wearing a wig. I tried a bunch of things like letting it air dry, not putting heat on it, putting more heat on it, etc. until I finally cracked and chopped it right off. I think my thought process was that maybe I had killed the ends of it by coloring and applying heat to it, so I figured cutting it short would do the trick. This did not work! Let me repeat, this did not get rid of the frizz. In fact, it might have made it worse!


So now I had even more frizz and I couldn’t throw my hair up into a pony tail. I was sad and disappointed and for the first time during my entire pregnancy I found myself complaining. Luckily my wonderful husband was able to talk me down from the cliff (cliff being shaving my head) and helped me look for some natural ways to tame the beast. Here is what I did and how it worked for me!

  • The first thing that I did was go a week without any heat on my hair. This was hard because the frizz was still there, but luckily it was beanie season so I literally wore a beanie for seven days in a row. I don’t know if this worked, but it felt like positive steps in the right direction. I also think that it is just good for your hair to get a break from the blow drier, straightener, and curling iron.
  • The next thing that I did was a hot oil treatment! Basically you choose an oil, (mainly avocado, olive, or coconut) I chose coconut oil and you heat it up. Obviously you don’t want to pour scorching hot oil on your scalp, so let it cool down until it’s warm but not going to burn you and then you rub it into your hair starting from the roots down to the tips. I am not a beautician but this is literally what I read so I did the following. Then you take a towel and wrap it around your now oily hair and let it all marinate and sit for an hour-ish. Once it has been an hour you go take a nice shower and use both shampoo and then conditioner to get out most of the oil. When I did this, at first it felt like my shampoo completely stripped my hair of all of the handwork I had done, but after letting it dry and then sleeping through the night my hair was still moisturized and stayed that way for three to four more days!
  • Once my hair dried I put a little bit of coconut oil on the extra frizzy pieces and then went to bed.
  • Lastly, I stopped blowing dry my hair. I started taking my showers in the evenings and letting my hair air dry before laying down for bed. When I would wake up there was occasionally a tiny bit of frizz, but for the most part it was gone!
  • I only do the oil treatment once a week, so if I feel the need to wash my hair in-between treatments I usually skip shampoo and just use conditioner. This helps with keeping oils in my hair, and like I said before, once my hair is dried, sometimes I will apply a little bit of coconut oil to the super frizzy pieces.
  • Other than the above I just do my best to keep my hair out of the rain (this is hard when you live in Portland) and brush through it often. Brushing through your hair moves the oils around and keeps it moisturized.

So there you have it! This is how I have “cured” my frizzy pregnancy hair… well mostly! Is there still frizz? Yes! But the good news is that it is manageable and that I can look in the mirror and feel like myself again. And if you don’t believe me about pregnancy changing your hair then just wait until it is you! I have figured out how to find the beauty in my hair and how it has changed. I am learning to embrace things that I cannot control and by doing that, it has helped my pregnancy immensely! Did pregnancy change your hair?