When asking around for a great local place to register and purchase things for our little one I was referred to Milagros Boutique over and over and over again! So, on Friday, we were finally over on the east side and decided to pay this cute little store a visit.


From the second we walked in I knew I loved the place. The vibe was friendly and homely and when I did my first sweep of the store I saw only good quality, organic products. Every shelf I came to had something that caught my eye, and something off of my registry. (This is saying something because I was very picky with my registry.) I didn’t come in intending to purchase anything, but I left with three items and probably could have left with more.

The main thing that I purchased were Natursutten Pacifiers. I had done some research and knew they were the pacifiers we wanted for our little girl, but I had no idea which type of Natursutten to get. Seriously though, go online and look… there are LOTS of options. Luckily, Milagros only had one type and when I asked why, the kind woman working had an answer. She was able to tell me that the type of Natursutten Pacifiers they had were the only kind that IBCLC’s recommend for breastfeeding mamas. This little bit of knowledge was exactly what I needed to know to have confidence with my purchase and pacifier choice for my baby.

As I continued to look around I was super happy to see a variety of cloth diapers, baby carriers, and organic baby toys. You could tell that everything there was purposeful and not just there to stock the shelves. With every question I had, they had an answer. I was able to feel the quality of each product, explore without feeling pressure, and just enjoy my experience at the store.

When I mentioned a registry they were able to give me information on how to add them to any registry. And when the time came for me to leave with my smaller amount of things I didn’t feel pressure or guilt to buy more. They knew my experience had been a good one, and they knew that I would be coming back.

Milagros was not crowded, the shelves were well organized, and the environment was a very friendly one. I enjoyed looking around the store at every beautiful item they had and was able to find most things I had on my registry and a handful that I added later that night. I loved the small, boutique feel and location of the store, and yes, they are now a part of my registry for our little one. I love that I am able to use them on my registry and know that those purchasing from them will have lots of options when at the store.

Milagros was everything everyone said it would be and more! Definitely well worth the drive to the east side and well worth every penny spent!