Kalli’s Birth Story

March 9, 2017By Kalli Chason

Note: As I describe my birthing time, you will notice that I used the Hypnobabies® method and I replaced certain words for others. ‘guess date’ for ‘due date’ ‘birthing waves’ for ‘contractions’ ‘birthing time’ for ‘labor’ …………………………………. Reflecting on Our Pregnancy As I’ve been snuggling our little bundle of joy and pondering the beautiful moments … Read More

Milagros – SE Portland Baby Boutique Review

December 12, 2016By Kalli Chason

When asking around for a great local place to register and purchase things for our little one I was referred to Milagros Boutique over and over and over again! So, on Friday, we were finally over on the east side and decided to pay this cute little store a visit. From the second we walked … Read More

Twenty Five Weeks

November 21, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY FIVE WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a cauliflower Baby is enjoying her new sense of equilibrium and knows which way is up and which way is down Baby is growing more fat and more hair Baby is about 13.5 inches and 1.46 pounds JOURNAL ENTRY: Dear Baby Girl, Week twenty … Read More

Pregnancy Hair… Is This Seriously a Thing?

November 15, 2016By Kalli Chason

I could hardly believe it when my mom told me her hair went from straight to curly from one pregnancy to the next, it seemed kind of crazy that our bodies could change that much. When I found out I was pregnant I would say I had pretty low maintenance hair. My hair was straight … Read More

Why We Declined the Glucose Test

November 13, 2016By Kalli Chason

I was definitely on the fence about this, obviously I want to ensure the safety of our sweet little girl, but at the same time… have you seen what is in that nasty orange drink? Basically it is orange flavored chemicals that are extremely high in sugar. Both my husband and I did a lot … Read More

10 Tips for Beautiful Family Photos

November 12, 2016By Kalli Chason

It is the time of year where many families are booking sessions for their Christmas cards. I have been photographing for a long time… almost a decade! One of the most frequently asked questions is how and what to do in order to get a great family photograph. So here are a few of my … Read More

Twenty Four Weeks

November 8, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY FOUR WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a cantaloupe Baby’s skin is becoming more opaque rather than see through Baby has a new pink glow because capillaries have formed Baby is about 11.8 inches and 1.3 pounds JOURNAL ENTRY: Hello Precious Girl, This last week has been fantastic, we visited the … Read More

Portland Children’s Museum – Worth the Cost?

November 3, 2016By Kalli Chason

Portland Children’s Museum Review There has been a bit of debate about the Portland Children’s Museum and whether or not it is worth the cash to bring your kiddos there. I decided that since I go often enough, I can help you decide whether or not the money would be worth it for your family! … Read More

Twenty Three Weeks

November 1, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY THREE WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a coconut Baby is forming little nipples Baby’s face is fully formed and now just needs some fat to fill it Baby can hear your voice and heartbeat, as well as louder noises outside of the womb Baby is about 11.3 inches and 1.10 … Read More

Twenty Two Weeks

October 25, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY TWO WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash Baby has more developed eyes and lips and is looking more and more like a newborn baby Baby is sleeping in cycles of about 12-14 hours per day Baby is about 10.9 inches and 15.1 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: Well hello baby … Read More

Twenty One Weeks

October 18, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY ONE WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a large carrot Baby’s digestive system is prepping for the outside world by making meconium for the first dirty diaper If baby is a girl she already has a lifetime’s supply of eggs in her womb Baby is about 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces JOURNAL … Read More

Twenty Weeks

October 11, 2016By Kalli Chason

TWENTY WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a banana Baby has working taste buds Baby is gulping several ounces of amniotic fluid a day Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures 6.5 inches You are half way there! JOURNAL ENTRY: Week twenty was a week to remember. Not only did my belly seem … Read More

Minimizing Baby Gear for Small Living Spaces

October 8, 2016By Kalli Chason

In my last blog post, Planning for our Tiny Baby in our Tiny Space, I described the different ways we are utilizing our space and some solutions to possible space issues. In order for our plan to work, we realized that we would need to minimize the about of baby gear and products. So, here is … Read More

Nineteen Weeks

October 4, 2016By Kalli Chason

NINETEEN WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a zucchini Baby is developing a protective coat on it’s skin called vernix caseosa Baby is working on all five senses Baby is about 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: Dear Baby Chason, Well hello little one, we cannot wait to find out if you will … Read More

Planning for our Tiny Baby in our Tiny Space

October 1, 2016By Kalli Chason

My husband and I live in a 800 sq ft studio apartment and we absolutely love it. But when we took that pregnancy test it threw me into a tizzy of looking and I began looking at bigger, more spacious apartments. The problem with this was that any upgrade, even the tiniest of upgrades would … Read More

5 Reasons I Chose a Home Birth

September 28, 2016By Kalli Chason

Choosing where to give birth and how to give birth is a big decision. For the most part in our country, the majority of women birth in hospitals, a few choose birthing centers, and fewer women, like myself, choose birth at home. Today I’m reflecting on how I made this very personal decision to birth … Read More

Eighteen Weeks

September 27, 2016By Kalli Chason

EIGHTEEN WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of a small squash Baby is yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing Baby is twisting, rolling, pushing, and kicking, and you might be able to feel it Baby is working on growing it’s muscles Baby is about 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: Dear Baby Chason, … Read More

Empowering Mothers as a Doula

September 24, 2016By Kalli Chason

As I began prepping for my own pregnancy and parenting choices as well as being a nanny for children whose parents were already making those choices, I became acquainted with the world of birth and parenthood. As I researched, I found out the heartbreaking fact that there were many women who were not informed on … Read More

Why We Opted Out of Most Genetic Testing

September 21, 2016By Kalli Chason

As a doula it’s not difficult to share the pros and cons of anything birth and pregnancy related. I am not making the decision, nor does it affect me, so it is easy. As a mom, it is difficult to weigh the pros and cons and make those decisions because it does affect me. I … Read More

Seventeen Weeks

September 20, 2016By Kalli Chason

SEVENTEEN WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of an artichoke Baby’s cartilage is turning into bone Baby is growing some fat and meat on his/her little body Baby’s umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker Baby is about 5.1 inches long and weighs about 5.9 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: I officially popped! We went … Read More

Pregnancy Food Craving or Addiction?

September 19, 2016By Kalli Chason

I am a firm believer that we can become addicted to anything. It’s common knowledge that drugs, sex, and alcohol can be super addictive, and I believe things like pornography, food, and video games can become addictions also. Right now I want to talk about the importance of food, and how what we put into … Read More

Sixteen Weeks

September 13, 2016By Kalli Chason

SIXTEEN WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of an avocado Baby is listening to your voice because the tiny bones have formed in his/her ears Baby’s hair is growing a lot Baby is forming taste buds Baby is about 4.6 inches long and 3.5 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: Daddy felt the his first kick!! … Read More

5 Things My Midwife Did that Led Me to Choose Her

September 13, 2016By Kalli Chason

I walked away from that interview with strength, confidence, and courage that were not with me when I walked in, here is what she said and did, and why I chose her to be my midwife. I had been feeling sick, like super super pregnancy sick. Part of me was worried that I was sicker … Read More

Fifteen Weeks

September 6, 2016By Kalli Chason

FIFTEEN WEEKS (From “The Bump”) Baby is the size of an orange Baby is squirming a ton Baby might even be getting hiccups All of baby’s joints and limbs can move now Baby is about 4 inches and 2.5 ounces JOURNAL ENTRY: This week was crazy big on changes! I felt baby’s first kick and … Read More